Little Watercolor Trees

Little Watercolor Trees

Letting Your Mind Relax: Automatic Drawing

Little Zen Tree 2115

Watched this little video on YouTube this last week. I try to watch stuff I want to "soak in" while I do my morning cardio on the elliptical machine. For a long time I watched the videos with the sound off while I listened to something like Skrillex on my iPod. Recently though I've started watching things with the sound on. It's weird it makes my workout harder actually because my mind is battling my body so I feel like I'm working twice as hard and probably burning twice the calories. IDK this is not sound science this is me telling you what it feels like.

The video is titled "Automatic Drawing" 

So anyway I really enjoyed this. I highly recommend this. It's very relaxing and it totally loosens you up and gets your mind in the right space to start making art. Here are my first few attempts and I plan to do A LOT more of these. Letting your mind relax... that's really the key to creativity.

IF A MIND IS STRESSED it's not in the right place to make art. Or at least not good art.

Comic books are A LOT of work. It's easy to get burned out. You gotta let your mind breathe and THIS is doing exactly that.

"When your mind is relaxed it's the most creative." ~Moebius

Posted on 10 August 2019 | 3:22 pm

Little Zen Tree 2114

Little Zen Tree 2114

Posted on 1 August 2019 | 2:47 am

Little Zen Tree 2013

Little Zen Tree 2013

Posted on 28 July 2019 | 3:10 am

Little Zen Tree 2112

Little Zen Tree 2112

Posted on 26 July 2019 | 2:50 am

Little Zen Tree 2111

Little Zen Tree 2111

Posted on 14 July 2019 | 6:35 am

Little Zen Tree 2110

Little Zen Tree 2110

Posted on 10 July 2019 | 3:17 am

LIVE and let die

Little Zen Tree 2109

live and let die

Happy Fourth Of July.

I used to say live and let live

give in

Posted on 4 July 2019 | 7:20 pm

Little Zen Tree 2108

Little Zen Tree 2108

Posted on 4 July 2019 | 7:20 am

Little Zen Tree 2107

Little Zen Tree 2107

The last in a series of 4 trees I started painting while listening to heavy metal music.

Posted on 14 June 2019 | 3:55 pm

Little Zen Tree 2106

Little Zen Tree 2106

Another heavy metal music tree.

Posted on 7 June 2019 | 4:20 pm

Little Zen Tree 2105 "Quiet Riot Tree"

Little Zen Tree 2105

so much rock

Posted on 1 June 2019 | 3:56 pm

Little Zen Tree 2104

Little Zen Tree 2104

I'm very blessed. I have crossed paths with like minded folk who come from very different backgrounds and beliefs, but right here right now... we agree.

Posted on 29 May 2019 | 7:42 pm

Little Zen Tree 2103

Little Zen Tree 2103

Posted on 23 May 2019 | 8:11 pm

Little Zen Tree 2102

Little Zen Tree 2102

Posted on 20 May 2019 | 4:25 pm

Indigo Bunting

Little Zen Tree 2101
Indigo Bunting

Watercolor painting 5"x7"

Posted on 12 May 2019 | 9:16 am

Little Zen Tree 2100

Little Zen Tree 2100

Posted on 11 May 2019 | 4:00 am

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Little Zen Tree 2099

There are a lot of things in life you can get wrapped up in and some of them are not good for you, your family or your soul, nature, however, is not one of those things.

Take time to notice the birds. Enjoy the world around you and the wonders it holds. Not just by liking pictures of animals posted on the internet, but by actually observing animals in the real world. Birds especially. They are such wonderfully colored things here for us to interact with and enjoy and bring peace and joy to our lives.  Don't miss that.

Posted on 7 May 2019 | 8:14 pm

The Littlest Vaulter


It's an individual sport, but it's ALSO a team sport. I'm a track guy.
My daughter started her "Track" journey this year. I'm proud, worried... so many emotions.
Sports are like anything else in life they are worth what you invest in them. Invest more you have more to lose and more to gain.

I was never the biggest, the strongest or the fastest, but my senior year I was the MVP of our track team in high school. I'm proud of that.

anyway... that's my thought for the day.

Posted on 13 April 2019 | 5:20 am

Little Zen Tree 2097

Little Zen Tree 2097

Posted on 7 February 2019 | 2:28 am

Little Zen Tree 2096

Little Zen Tree 2096

Posted on 19 December 2018 | 3:26 am


Little Zen Tree 2095

So... (worst first word to use in a blog post note to self)

"What's up with the landscape format trees, Sean?"

I'm glad you asked, random person who doesn't care and has no idea why it matters to me.

When I first started painting these trees it was kind of a "fluke thing" I just wanted to start painting and I needed something simple to get me warmed up. Something that only has a few basic rules to remember and then other than that you almost can't mess it up.... so I nabbed a small scrap of watercolor paper (3"x5") and started painting a little tree.  A bonsai-ish style tree.

Now, in my mind a bonsai tree is more horizontal than vertical. That's the beauty of them really is that they are bent and shaped over the course of their lives by an artist (or oppressor, but lets stay on the light side today) with their final form being something out of the ordinary for a "normal" tree.  A tree's natural tendency is to be larger than it's competing plants and grow as big and as TALL as possible in order to solidify it's place in existence.  That's just what "trees" do. In order to achieve this most trees are fairly vertical in their nature. They are "reaching for the sky" so to speak.  Because of this at the onset of this little art adventure I set some rules for myself in regards to format in order to maintain a structure and discipline (two things that will help any artist who wants to improve and really is the entire point of painting the trees).

So the rules were:

  1. 3"x5" Vertical
  2. No Background
  3. One Brush
  4. Only Watercolor
Well, folks...

Yeah... I've broken them all. The thing that lead me to go BACK to painting horizontal trees (because the first few were in fact horizontal a thing I was reminded of the other day when someone purchased a print of Little Tree 5 ((yeah... 5))) is that I broke the second rule (after I broke the third rule actually) a little while ago when I started painting backgrounds i.e. landscapes, HENCE here we are making the painting of landscapes easier by implementing the infamous LANDSCAPE format.

I've always got some long winded way of explaining why I do the things I do when I get bored ;) THE TRUTH is I'm always looking for ways to grow and as much as I love my routine (and I do) I realize sometimes you have to go on other adventures, see new things etc... because perspective is everything and EXPERIENCE trumps talent every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Posted on 15 December 2018 | 6:21 am

Little Zen Tree 2094

Little Zen Tree 2094

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 3:39 am

Crisp November Sky

Little Zen Tree 2093

Not an exact copy of the photo I snapped while driving in to the shop yesterday, but I feel it captures the spirit and mood of the image so I'll take that if I can get it. Here's the photo:

I went to a small midwestern christian university (Indiana Wesleyan University) and my painting professor said once he firmly believed artists have extra (or extra elite or special or something) guardian angels assigned to them. As you may or may not be able to tell from this photo showing the door frame of my vehicle I'm on the driver's side leaning over looking back to snap this photo.  So yeah... it's a wonder I'm still alive (and this is just the most recent example).  The pastor of our church (who's more of a science guy believe it or not) has said before, "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly."

Which seems like wise advice... you know for normal folk.

Anyway... here's another photo I snapped later that day driving the other way on the same stretch of road.

So yesterday was a good day for the sky as it was kissed by the sun and the moon.  It was a cold day, but a very beautiful day.

Happy Thanksgiving. Take time to cherish the things in life that are free and while maybe some think they are not special because they are for everyone, remember there is only one you and we all paint our own unique images. The scene may be the same, but the strokes are always original and unique to us.

Posted on 22 November 2018 | 5:07 am

Little Zen Tree 2092

Little Zen Tree 2092

Posted on 14 November 2018 | 2:58 am

Pick Your Fights

Little Zen Tree 2091

A couple weeks ago the guys in the shop were talking about paying for a pretty big MMA fight.  I thought that was cool.  I like MMA. The drama the struggle the blood the sweat etc... etc... There's a lot to like.

Today on the way to work I witnessed THE GREATEST nature equivalent of a pay per view MMA fight, only I didn't have to pay.  I watched two titans of nature throwing down as only titans can do.

Title Card: Fall Vs. Winter

round one

p.s. winter always wins. Probably why it's free. LOL

Posted on 9 November 2018 | 4:36 pm